What do I need to do to start playing?

To start playing please follow the steps below:

  • Play with the browser version ("Click here to PLAY NOW")
  • Select the poker nick/username you wish to show at the poker tables (we suggest to choose a different one from your logins)

What’s different about INSTAPOKER?

When you play on INSTAPOKER instead of sitting at a table you enter a “pool” of players all playing at your selected blind levels. As soon as a hand is finished or passed, you will be moved to a new table about to start a new hand with different players! This reduced the time you spend waiting for good cards or for a hand to finish considerably and allows you to spend your time playing poker instead of sitting idle waiting for some action to come your way!

Can I view my hand history?

Yes, login into INSTAPOKER and click on HAND HISTORY to review all your gameplay.

What sort of games do you offer and how can I play them?

INSTAPOKER currently offers Texas Holdem and Omaha.

What operating system do I need to have to play?

Our "no download" web browser can be used with Windows, Mac OS and most versions of Linux.

What are the system requirements for an optimum playing experience?

Please consult the "Get Started"  section to read the optimum machine settings.

Why is my game client unable to connect to the server?

It could be your firewall that is causing the problem. The poker client uses port 12001 and 443 on TCP/UDP. Please check your firewall settings that these two are open allowing the client to connect to the servers.

What happens if I get disconnected while playing?

As we all know the internet is not perfect. Occasionally players will be disconnected for various reasons.

If you get disconnected during play the software will attempt to reconnect you automatically and return you back to your seat.

Usually you will only be disconnected for a short while and may be back in time to act. If you are not back on time the system will fold you at the first bet/raise. Please note that exceot in the case of a major network distruption, all disconnection are to be considered a final user terminal issue and no refund can be issued.

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